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I know it can be tough…you need a form, or a guide, or some quick training material. But it isn’t in your bag and now you’re faced with multiple steps to get it.

The Topeka website stands between you and the file you seek. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great website to sell SCCA to the masses and members. But thin on easy support for officials. (OK, off my soapbox rant now)

Today you must go to, log in, click your User menu, click your profile page, scroll down, click the File Cabinet – and then you begin to wade through a sea of links to click and fetch the info you want. To be fair, the File Cabinet serves a wide array of constituencies ranging from Solo to the BoD Minutes. But as Stewards, we often need something quick.

As you saw in my other blog post, using Google site:search can help find info buried in the public side of But that won’t work for other files that are stored behind the security of password protected access.

What if I told you there’s a secret door in your future? Somewhere over the rainbow. A place where you click the title you want, enter your member # and password, and voila your file is downloaded.

If you aren’t already logged in on, clicking any Title below will bring up a one-time window to collect your member # plus the password you ordinarily use on

Well, Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore…so here ya go:

[The following Titles are a “work in progress” as a test case]

Get the Form – CSA (This is the current version of the CSA form – v11.5.14)

Get the Form – RFA (This is the current version of the RFA -form – v11.5.2014)

Guide for the SOM Chairman (This Guide deals with Process, Paperwork and working with People. Also, some great sample reports and resources are included.)

LOC-Loss of Consciousness (This is the latest procedure for Chief Stewards, Safety Stewards, Emergency Services Chiefs and Medical Officers. It covers who does what + a quick reference of symptoms.)
More Titles to come if people find this useful.


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